LETTER: Universal health care would save businesses billions, Dr. Sunny Aslam, Syracuse Post Standard

Dr. Dennis Nave writes a vital prescription in "Working Americans need affordable health care, quality education," (Sept. 1, 2017). Those who build our economy should have what all other developed countries have: universal, guaranteed healthcare. We simply need the political will to get there.

Not only workers benefit from universal healthcare; businesses do. The New York Health Act -- one state Senate sponsor away from a majority -- would save employers billions by providing a simplified plan that covers all medically necessary care. Imagine your business model if all of your employees and customers have health coverage! State Sens. John DeFrancisco, Patty Ritchie and Pam Helming could tip the balance by sponsoring the New York Health Act.

Medicare-for-all (HR 676) in the U.S. House of Representatives has 117 co-sponsors. We need Republicans like Rep. John Katko, who voted against the American Health Care Act and supports Medicare, to sign on to expanded Medicare-for-all.

Read the full letter at the Syracuse Post-Standard here.

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