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  • We’re Running Out of Time: Albany Must Take Action to Break Down Barriers to Abortion

    English translation of op-ed published in Spanish 6/1/22 in El Diario

    By Eugenia Montesinos

    As reproductive healthcare providers who provide abortions, we, like many other people across the US, are outraged at the leaked Supreme Court decision on abortion that will put millions of Americans at risk in years to come. 

    The facts are simple: abortion is healthcare and everyone should have the right to the care they need to lead healthy and happy lives. That is what motivated us to go into careers in healthcare in the first place. When our patients’ health is on the line, we have no choice but to fight back. 

    The right to an abortion is protected in New York state law but too many barriers remain that can make this decision feel almost impossible for low-income New Yorkers. We see this play out day in and day out in the poor and working-class communities of color that we serve. 

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    Healthcare Advocates Say Excluding Coverage for All, Fair Pay for Home Care from Budget is Failure of State’s Duty to Provide Care for All Who Need It

    Statement from the Campaign for New York Health on the 2022 budget deal reached in Albany:

    “By failing to fund Coverage for All in the budget and living-wages for homecare workers, the legislature and Governor failed to take a much-needed step forward in our state’s duty to provide healthcare to those who need it. Expanding health insurance coverage to low-income New Yorkers regardless of immigration status is the right thing to do and is supported by an incredibly broad range of New Yorkers and community and industry advocates. The New York State constitution says that all residents have the right to healthcare. Our loved ones and neighbors deserve to get the care they need, especially as we continue to live through the pandemic and its disproportionate effects on the health and lives of working class immigrants and communities of color. 

    “We have seen that even with health insurance, many New Yorkers are still unable to afford the care they need or incur huge medical debts to get life-saving care. That is why we are urging the legislature to take the crucial next steps and pass the End Medical Debt bills (A7363/S6522, A3470C/S2521C, A8441/S7625), to protect New York families from the predatory medical billing practices in the current healthcare system.

    “To truly create a healthcare system for all New Yorkers, the Democratic legislative majority must use the remaining weeks of the session to pass the New York Health Act. Creating a comprehensive, free-at-point-of-use healthcare system for everyone in our state is the only way we can affordably provide the healthcare we all need and deserve.”

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