LETTER: Americans could learn from Canadian health care, Richard Clements, The Buffalo News

"Sunday’s front page story, “New tariffs spark fears among local business owners,” included thoughtful, rational comments for and against Trumps’s stiff tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum, but one quote from Craig Speers of the AFL-CIO stands out as candidate for bone-headed comment of the year! He called out “predatory trade practices” by Canada and European Union that supposedly “destroyed large parts of the American steel and aluminum manufacturing industries.”

As an example he points to Canada’s national health care system as unfair since “… the Canadian government frees its metals industries from a heavy cost burden that their American competitors have to bear.”


Canada is unfair because it provides universal healthcare to a healthier population, without potential personal bankruptcy due to medical expenses, at a fraction of our costs?

Would you propose that Canadians repeal a domestic program that has functioned with overwhelming public support for 50 years?


Do you really believe they should accept the dysfunctional mess of our health care “system”?

Read the full letter at the Buffalo News here.

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