The Campaign for New York Health is committed to building a powerful grassroots movement to pass and implement universal health care in New York. To build the base of support we need to win this fight, we are harnessing the power of personal stories and one-on-one conversations. 

One of our most powerful outreach tools is the Health Care Access Survey, a tool volunteer organizers are using in one-on-one outreach in communities across New York to guide conversations about people's personal health care experiences. 

On Saturday, September 23 we are organizing teams of volunteers to go door-to-door using the Health Care Access Survey to hear from members of our community about the challenges they face accessing healthcare. We would like to organize outreach canvassing events in every New York county. Sign up to be a Canvassing Team Leader on September 23!


To help you prepare, we recorded hosted a Zoom training. Here is the recording: 
Outreach Using the Health Access Survey Sept 14, 2017

What do we expect of Canvassing Team Leaders?

  • Choose a geographic area for outreach. We are encouraging outreach in areas where you would expect to engage with communities that face financial barriers to care -- working class communities, communities of color, immigrant communities. These are the communities largely missing from our movement. But since health care is an issue that impacts all of us, it's up to you to decide where you will canvass.
  • Recruit friends to join you. The Campaign for New York Health will share your event with health care justice activists in your area to also attend.
  • Plan to attend, bring materials, and welcome volunteers. The statewide Campaign for New York Health will make sure you have materials (surveys, scripts, flyers, and buttons) the day of your event. 


Once you register your event, a Campaign for New York Health organizer will followup with you to go over details and make arrangements for outreach materials. 

Thank you for helping to make this Statewide Day of Outreach a success! Questions? Contact [email protected]

No Outreach Canvassing Days yet.