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    In the end of March my son came home and told me he went to get his medication refilled 3mg Risperidone when he learned his insurance had been canceled and it would cost him $250 out of pocket which we didn’t have. I told Danny we would do what we could to try and help and that he had a therapist appointment in a few weeks maybe she would be able to help if we couldn’t come up with anything before then. He called his insurance FidelisCare a medicaid managed care program through the ACA when he learned he had missed a $20 payment, which he paid on the phone that day. They instructed him that his insurance would be reinstated on the next billing cycle May 1st. A known side effect of abruptly stopping an anti psychotic is suicidal thoughts. On April 9th a little over two weeks without his medicine in withdrawals I saw Danny’s post on Facebook with an image from his view inside his truck overlooking the water. He had said that he had decided this world was not meant for him and that he decided death by drowning. He had super glued his seat belt shut, apologized to his two children and drove his truck into the Mohawk River. FidelisCare is owned by Centene a corporation that generated a revenue of 60.1 Billion dollars and a 24% growth since 2017 after adding managed Medicaid care. They received millions of dollars to pay for the healthcare of some of the poorest people that are struggling the most and may or may not have had to pay out benefits for the services they were paid for. However one missed $20 payment from my son and they found a fit punishment for missing their demanded ransom was death by suicidal drowning brought on by a chemical imbalance that they initiated. What happened to my boy was not a bad financial gone wrong. The private insurance industry had laws put in place on purpose to allow them to be protected from this form of Legalized Manslaughter For Profit! This was done on purpose to be able to protect their bottom line regardless of what may happen to the patient.

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