Sarah Krull, Southern Tier

My name is Sarah Krull. I am eighteen years old and one of the millions of Americans that have experienced anxiety and dread as a result of our inefficient health care system.

I am currently covered under Medicaid, but wonder how many others there are like me, who are bound by ever-narrowing networks of coverage, creating a situation where we must settle for the doctors that are available to us. In my case, a local physician’s assistant was the only provider who accepted my insurance and when she misdiagnosed my condition, it delayed proper treatment.


In addition, even though Medicaid covers the visits and treatments, the co-pays can be expensive and this causes me great anxiety. For example, one time I needed some medical tests done, but put off talking to my mom about it because I was concerned about the cost. In fact, before I was born, my mom put off her own dental care, in order to see that her kids were able to go to the dentist.


New York needs a health plan that covers everyone with free choice of doctor and hospital, so the whole complex maze is simplified into one clear and efficient system.


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