Social Media Kit

Phone Banking Kit

Business Endorsements Kit

Persuasive Canvassing Kit

#HealthcareHero Weekly Action Kit

Health Care Rights and Access Survey

Postcard Templates!

Education and Outreach:

Report: Compassionate New York Agenda - Saving Lives and Billions of Dollars after COVID

Fact Sheet: Why we need the NY Health Act, English and Spanish

Fact Sheet: Coronavirus and the Case for the NY Health Act

Outreach Flyer: Why we need the NY Health Act, English; Spanish; Chinese

Outreach Flyer: NYHA and Racial Justice English; Spanish

Outreach Flyer: Union Members

Outreach Flyer: Seniors on Medicare

Myths and Facts: How to answer tough questions from the opposition

Petition: Easy to print petition in support of the NY Health Act

Petition: Physicians in support of the NY Health Act

Petition: Faith Leaders for The NY Health Act

Zine: Illustrated presentation of the benefits of NY Health Act

Infographic: benefits of single payer healthcare

Savings: Breakdown of savings by NY state county with NY Health Act

Template Memo of Support 2021 for Organizations

Deep Dive: 

Bill: Read the complete NY Health Act legislation

Study: RAND Corporation Economic analysis of the benefits of the NY Health Act, 2019

Study: Economic analysis of the benefits of the NY Health Act, 2015

Summary: Amendments in the 2019 version of the NY Health Act

FAQ: Detailed FAQs about NY Health Act and Medicare


Fix It: Health Care at the Tipping Point (good overview of the healthcare system; makes business case for single-payer healthcare)

Now Is the Time: Health Care for Everybody

Virtual Web Trainings:

Building a Multiracial Movement for The NY Health Act (Part 1)

Structural Racism and the The NY Health Act (Part 2)

Storytelling to Build the Movement for Health Care for All: The power of storytelling to win healthcare for all

Outreach Using the Health Access Survey: Outreach canvassing

Base-Building and Canvassing: Learning from the Maine Health Care is a Human Right Campaign

Base-building and organizing training

Business outreach

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