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LETTER: N.Y. should pass its own single-payer health system, James Hayes, Elmira Star-Gazette

In 2008, the World Health Organization found that the U.S. spent nearly twice as much on health care as any of the other nine countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. U.S. outcomes were far worse. Our country ranked last for life expectancy, infant mortality and preventable deaths per capita.

You ask: “Why is this?” The answer is that the U.S. has the distinction of being the only one of these 10 nations without universal health care.

Read the full letter at the Elmira Star-Gazette here.

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LETTER: New York Health Act would expand coverage for all, Linda Resnick, Daily Freeman

Any New York resident who is concerned about health care security and who believes we all have a right to quality health care should be enthusiastic about the New York Health Act making its way through our state Legislature right now.

The act is based on a single-payer model, much like the highly successful Medicare system, and will allow people to access care when they need it instead of rationing care based on the ability to pay.

The New York Health Act has been endorsed by the state Academy of Family Physicians, the state Academy of Pediatrics, the state AFL-CIO, the state Nurses Association, New York State United Teachers and the League of Women Voters, to name just a few.

Read the full letter at the Daily Freeman here.

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Universal healthcare supporters see their chance, "There has never been this much support", The Guardian

ALBANY — It was a cold, misty, gray, early spring day in Albany, New York – the kind of bone-chilling, turn-up-the-heat weather that encourages residents to flee to Florida.

But 500 New Yorkers were still out on the sidewalk lobbying for healthcare reform that has long seemed like a pipe dream: government-provided universal health insurance. Read the full story at The Guardian.

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LETTER: Sen. Seward must step up to protect upstate interests, Leslie Berliant, Oneonta Daily Star

While I was glad to see Sen. James Seward’s support for much-needed ride-sharing services in upstate New York, I am hoping that Sen. Seward will demonstrate that he understands the economic realities of communities like ours by backing two additional measures.

... As a member of the Senate Health Committee and a Republican in a relatively safe seat, Sen. Seward is in a unique position to help guarantee New Yorkers’ health coverage. In the counties that make up New York’s 51st Senate District, ACA repeal has the potential to leave nearly 75,000 of us — including my family — without affordable health insurance.

Read the full letter at the Daily Star here.

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LETTER: Check out New York Health Act, James Hayes, Elmira Star-Gazette

The news is full of talk about Obamacare, Ryancare and Trumpcare. The options given to citizens by the US Congress go from bad, to worse.

For New Yorkers, there is another way: the New York Health Act. There are bills in the New York legislature (A4738, S4371) to provide universal health care to all citizens through a single-payer system, similar to Medicare for all. The proposal has been thoroughly analyzed, vetted and endorsed by dozens of organizations. This is an idea whose time has come.

Read the rest of the letter here.

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LETTER: All people are entitled to quality healthcare, Sandy Przbylak, Buffalo News

In my job as a medical assistant at ECMC, I have witnessed the struggles of patients navigating the unnecessarily complex health care delivery system. One of the most frustrating and at times heartbreaking duties of my job is to field calls from patients whose insurance companies require prior authorization for their life-sustaining prescriptions or medical tests. Currently there are hundreds of insurance plans with different requirements and processes to obtain these prior approvals.

Read the full letter at the Buffalo News here.

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