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Dear Governor & NY State Senate and Assembly Leadership, 

We have a problem with health equity. It is unacceptable that every day more than one million New Yorkers are uninsured. And that millions more New Yorkers are underinsured — people who have private insurance but still go without or dangerously delay needed care because of the skyrocketing cost of premiums, deductibles, ever-increasing copays and restrictive doctor networks. It is unacceptable that America spends twice as much as our international counterparts, yet have many of the worst health outcomes.

But there is a solution to this crisis: the New York Health Act [A6058/S5474].

The New York Health Act will provide comprehensive, universal healthcare coverage — including long-term care, mental healthcare, and dental care — for each and every resident of New York. The NY Health Act also eliminates financial barriers to care such as deductibles, copays and monthly premiums, while allowing people to go to the doctor and hospital of their choice. Healthcare will be based on need — not tied to employment, immigration, income, or health status. Studies show it will cost less than the current system, saving money for individuals, businesses, and New York State.

For the first time ever, a majority of legislators in the NY Assembly and Senate both support the bill. The NY Health Act is morally just, fiscally responsible, and politically popular. We can't have a just recovery to this pandemic without the NY Health Act. We can't have racial, economic and health justice without affordable, comprehensive, universal healthcare. Now that we have a path to victory, we need you make it a reality! 

Endorsed by 500+ small business and 700+ organizations including the New York State Nurses Association, 1199SEIU - the largest healthcare union in the nation, and the Working Families Party.

Please add your name to show our elected officials New Yorkers want universal health care

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