Base Building and Organizing Training

Winning universal healthcare will require a broad and diverse movement of New Yorkers coming together to demand healthcare as a human right. How do we do build this movement? How do we organize to win? 


The May 11 training will be a skills training that will reference the organizing tactics discuss during the April 25 training. If you missed the April 24 training, the recording is available online.


Special guest: Colin O'Malley. Colin is the Organizing Director at Metro Justice, on the Board of the Campaign for NY Health, and has played an active role in building the Fight for $15 campaign in New York.  


Participants will gain an understanding the following concepts: base-building, organizing vs. mobilizing, self-interest recruitment, and the basics of narrative-based organizing. Participants will be equipped to use the New York Health Access Survey to canvass and base build in their communities.


In order to pass New York Health, healthcare justice activists need to engage and involve folks most impacted by the healthcare crisis in our work, folks who are likely not yet "activists." Countless people want to get involved now in social justice work because of the unique political moment. This training will go over the tools that can help us fight back, to win the right to health care -- and so much -- more by organizing in our communities.  


If you are new to the Campaign for NY Health, we encourage you to view the presentation by economist Gerald Friedman about how the New York Health Act would be funded.

An agenda for the May 11 presentation will be circulate the day of the training. Please RSVP!  In the meantime, you can review campaign organizing resources on the campaign website:


Compendium of readings which will be referenced during training:

The New Syndicalist: No One Cares That You're Right 

The Belabored Podcast: Organizing for Power with Jane McAlevey

Vox: Why Trump Voters Support Single Payer

Tele-Training: Campaign for NY Health Organizing Update and Tactics 

May 11, 2017 at 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Your phone or computer!
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