We are fighting to save Medicaid from deep cuts during this budget cycle in Albany. With the pandemic spreading, Governor Cuomo is considering a devastating $2.5 billion in cuts to Medicaid. These cuts will blow holes in our safety net just when we need it most.

A budget vote is imminent. Today is our last day to call on legislators to oppose the Governor’s proposed Medicaid funding cuts. We must keep up the pressure!

Here’s what we need to do today:  

Pick up the phone! Tell Albany leaders that $2.5 billion in cuts to Medicaid will be devastating, especially during a pandemic. 

  • Governor Cuomo: (518) 474-8390 
  • Assembly Leader Carl Heastie (518-455-3791) 
  • Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins (518) 455-2585) 
  • Your Senator and Assemblymember: Use the CNYH action tool!

Recruit friends to email legislators using the CNYH #NoMedicaidCuts tool: https://p2a.co/pSytg1U

Keep on Tweeting! New Sample Tweets for today:

Today’s the day that @NYGovCuomo @AndreaSCousins @CarlHeastie have to decide: will they cut Medicaid in the midst of a pandemic or will they accept federal aid and #TaxTheRich? New Yorkers know what we need: #ProtectMedicaid now! #NoMedicaidCuts #PassNYHealth 

Attn @NYGovCuomo @AndreaSCousins @CarlHeastie: today when you vote on a budget, remember that your vote could mean the difference between life and death for many New Yorkers. Now more than ever, we need healthcare and long term care to protect us. #NoMedicaidCuts

See more in the #NoMedicaidCuts Social Media Toolkit

Retweet these excellent video posts from Monday:

***NEW from @NYHCampaign - #NoMedicaidCuts animation***

NYC Nurse Sean Petty on how Medicaid cuts hurt patients and healthcare workers  

Jessica de la Rosa from the Brooklyn Center for Independence

Jose a user of Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

Sample Facebook post to get your friends emailing the legislature:

Today’s the day that Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins and Assembly leader Carl Heastie have to decide: will they cut Medicaid in the midst of  the COVID 19 pandemic or will they accept federal aid and #TaxTheRich? New Yorkers know what we need: #ProtectMedicaid now! #NoMedicaidCuts Send an urgent messagel to lawmakers RIGHT NOW: https://p2a.co/pSytg1U

Thank you for being part of the fight to #ProtectMedicaid #PassNYHealth and guarantee the right to healthcare for all New Yorkers!

March 31, 2020 at 10:00am - 4pm
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