Nancy Morelle, New Hartford

My name is Nancy Morelle and I am a vegetable farmer living in New Hartford, NY. Several years ago, before the Affordable Care Act, my health insurance was about $350 per month, which was impossible for me on my income, even with working additional jobs as a dietician and consultant. Many of my farming friends work another full-time job just for the health insurance. Once the Affordable Care Act passed, my health insurance went down to $20 a month, and last year my income was low enough that I qualified for Medicaid so now my coverage is free.

It would be disastrous for me if the ACA were repealed. But even now, the insurance system causes people like me unnecessary stress and worry. With my small business, my income changes every year, so I don’t know if I’ll be on Medicaid or the ACA in the future. And, when you have to reapply every year for the ACA insurance, you are constantly jumping through hoops and changing your plan. I never know if my doctor would accept the new insurance or if I would have to change doctors. I would start with one specialist and I couldn’t follow through with them next year. Or the doctor would stay the same, but I would never know if I would get a huge bill from the new insurance plan for the same care. There was no continuity of care, and the worry about billing was always in the back of my mind. I support the New York Health Act because care would be covered for everyone, no matter what your job, without worry about bills or networks. There's no reason we can't provide this in New York State.

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