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    Statewide #PassNYHealth Week of Action

    The healthcare for all movement made HUGE gains last legislative session. After years of organizing, a majority of both the Assembly and Senate are now cosponsoring the NY Health Act. The closer we get to winning universal single-payer healthcare, the harder the opposition will fight back to maintain the pay-or-die status quo. It’s up to us to make sure legislators have the courage to take the NY Health Act across the finish line and make New York the first state to make healthcare a guaranteed right.

    Join the Statewide #PassNYHealth Week of Action Monday 11/15 - Sunday 11/21! Through actions across the state, we are growing the movement and getting ready to make the NY Health Act a top progressive priority in the 2022 legislative session and election year. 

    Statewide #PassNYHealth Week of Action: Monday November 15 - Sunday November 21

    1. Join or organize an in-person action

      We will connect local advocates to local hosts organizing actions! We will support hosts with materials, templates, press, textbanking for turnout and more! Actions so far are happening in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Harlem NYC, Long Island, Beacon and more!

      Click here to learn more and to RSVP to in-person actions!

    2. Join the Digital Day of Action Thursday 11/18, 11:00am-1:00pm!

      Click here to RSVP to receive the Digital Day of Action Toolkit.

    Share this tweet, Facebook post and Instagram post to invite others to join! Follow @NYHCampaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

    It is up to us, the people, to make lawmakers prioritize the right to healthcare for all New Yorkers in the 2022 legislative session. Please join the Statewide #PassNYHealth Week of Action 11/15-11/20!

    See below for list of actions statewide! 

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  • Join the movement!


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    The pandemic is proving why we must create a system that guarantees care for everybody — regardless race, age, or employment status.  

    The New York Health Act [A6058/S5474] will provide comprehensive, universal healthcare coverage — including long-term care, mental healthcare, and dental care — for each and every resident of New York. You and your healthcare providers will work to keep you healthy. New York Health pays the bill. And health insurance coverage will no longer be tied to our jobs. 

    Thanks to the grassroots movement across the state, the New York Health Act has passed the Assembly four years in a row, achieved historic majority support of legislators in both the NYS Senate and Assembly in 2021, and public support has never been higher. We face an uphill battle against well-funded corporate opposition. For-profit private insurance companies are spending millions of lobbying dollars to kill universal healthcare legislation at the state and national level. They are making record profits off the suffering during a global pandemic. They have the money, but we have the people. Together, our grassroots organizing is more powerful than any amount of political bribery, and we're going to prove it!

    Sign your name below to join our movement of thousands of New Yorkers who want a healthcare system that works for everyone, not just a few. Sign up below to be added to our email list. Please also consider signing the petition to #PassNYHealth here.

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    For Immediate Release: State Legislators, Advocates Unveil “Compassionate New York" Agenda to Save Lives and Billions of Dollars After COVID

    Media Contact:

    Dan Morris. 917.952.8920

    State Legislators, Advocates Unveil “Compassionate New York" Agenda to Save Lives and Billions of Dollars After COVID

    The Agenda Brings Together Key Demands for Housing, Healthcare and Criminal Justice Reform

    New York -- Today, at rallies in New York City and Rochester, state legislators and advocates unveiled a Compassionate New York legislative agenda that will save lives and billions of dollars. 

    Speakers discussed how three key legislative items - guaranteeing healthcare for every New Yorker, stopping unjust evictions, and ending mass incarceration – can create a more Compassionate New York for all after COVID. Several statewide coalitions and campaigns, including Campaign for NY HealthHousing Justice for All; Justice Roadmap, jointly released the Compassionate New York agenda today, along with New Yorkers who live at the intersection of homelessness, lack of healthcare, and criminalization and incarceration. 

    A new report today reveals that the Compassionate New York agenda would save nearly $12 billion in the first year of implementation alone. The New York Health Act would reduce total healthcare spending by at least $10 billion, Good Cause Eviction protections would save over $1.6 billion, Elder Parole and Fair and Timely Parole bills would save $522 million annually, restoring financial aid access to incarcerated college students will save $22 million and Clean Slate legislation will expand New York’s GDP by $7 billion.


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  • The Guardian: ‘There is a solution’: a Covid survivor’s life-or-death battle for Medicare for All

    By  New York

    Mon 5 Apr 2021 05.00 EDT

    ‘There is a solution’: a Covid survivor’s life-or-death battle for Medicare for All

    Mariana Pineda was hospitalized with Covid-19 and pneumonia last April and can only afford treatment via GoFundMe. Now she’s using her energy to fight for healthcare programs

    Few things in Mariana Pineda’s body have worked properly since she was hospitalized with Covid-19 and pneumonia last April. One day she is seeing a specialist to get nodules on her thyroid biopsied, another day it is a trip to the emergency room after her hands swell and turn red, symptoms of yet another high blood pressure crisis.

    She pays $3,062.48 a month for health insurance to cover this constant stream of treatment, which she can only afford with the help of a GoFundMe online fundraiser. She is too sick to work and is a single mother – her only income is child support payments.

    Amid all of this, when Pineda’s finished with doctors’ appointments for the day and her four-year-old is asleep, she uses her last stores of energy to fight for the government-run healthcare program Medicare for All and its New York state equivalent.

    “This is my gift from the universe,” Pineda told the Guardian. “If nothing else, the fact that I didn’t die from Covid just ramped up my overwhelming desire to get Medicare for All and the New York Health Act.”

    Pineda is one of the many activists, and lawmakers, making Covid-19 part of their calls to reshape the US healthcare system to provide universal coverage. In mid-March, Democratic representatives Pramila Jayapal and Debbie Dingell reintroduced the Medicare for All act on the anniversary of Covid-19 being confirmed in all 50 states and Washington DC.

    Mariana Pineda.
    Mariana Pineda. Photograph: Courtesy of Mariana Pineda

    “There is a solution to this health crisis – a popular one that guarantees healthcare to every person as a human right and finally puts people over profits and care over corporations,” Jayapal said in a statement. “That solution is Medicare for All.”

    The bill has the support of more than half the Democrats, but it is unlikely to pass the House. In the Senate, several Democrats instead are pushing for the public option, a government-run health insurance to exist alongside private health insurance.

    Both reforms seek to make health insurance more affordable, easier to access and less costly and are being weighed by several state governments.

    The hurdles, however, are immense.

    Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, a lobby which represents hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and health insurers, is already spending millions to campaign against reform. In Colorado, the group bought $1m in TV ads to run this spring before a bill was even introduced.

    These ads, which warn of politicians having more control over people’s healthcare, have been effective against health reform for decades, explained health policy expert Colleen Grogan. “The evidence from the past suggests that those advertisements really work and that’s why they keep doing them,” said Grogan, professor at the University of Chicago’s Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy and Practice.

    Americans for Prosperity, a group with financial backing from the conservative Koch brothers network, is also stepping in. The group spent millions to fight the ACA, and told CNBC in March that that campaign failed in part because they didn’t present an alternative. This time, the group is showcasing a “personal option” plan which would slash regulations and is pitched toward the private sector.

    Activists must also contend with the more moderate wing of the Democratic party. Joe Biden has not endorsed Medicare for All and his healthcare efforts have so far been focused on expanding the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

    The president has already had success: the last stimulus package included $61.3bn to expand insurance subsidies and coverage under the ACA and other federal programs for two years. More than four out of 10 people without health insurance are now eligible for a free or nearly free health plan, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis.

    Pineda is set to benefit from one of the changes: people who have recently lost work must be covered for up to six months under the usually costly Cobra program. That’s the insurance Pineda pays $3,000 a month for now and she’s waiting to hear from her employer or the government about the subsidy.

    These efforts improve access and affordability, but also direct public money to the private healthcare industry. “So the American public benefits but the American public also loses because it ends up having to pay a lot more than a more rational system should really pay for,” Grogan said.

    Should Biden attempt to make these changes permanent, as is expected, discussions about public spending on private healthcare could be more prominent, a useful tool for reform activists. In 2019, federal, state and local governments accounted for 45% of the country’s $3.8tn in healthcare spending.

    “The interest in containing healthcare spending is not going away,” said Katherine Hempstead, senior policy adviser at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. “I don’t think we’re going to hear the end of that at all.”

    And Pineda will do what she can to ensure that.

    The mother of four posts pictures of her vital signs and medical bills on social media, providing an intimate look at the long-term symptoms some people experience after Covid-19 infections and the costs of trying to stay alive.

    Pineda posts posts pictures of her vital signs and medical bills on social media, providing an intimate look at the long-term symptoms some people experience after Covid-19.
    Pineda posts posts pictures of her vital signs and medical bills on social media, providing an intimate look at the long-term symptoms some people experience after Covid-19. Photograph: Courtesy of Mariana Pineda

    “I’ve done panels from hospital beds, I’ve gone on Facebook Live from the emergency room,” Pineda said. “Yes, it sucks that I am sick, but it gives me a unique insight and gives me access to all kinds of things that we might not necessarily know about.”

    Pineda is energetic and quick to laugh, but she is experiencing a nightmare. Her symptoms include headaches that make her feel like someone is shaking a can of coins in her head, vomiting multiple times a week, emphysema, lesions on her kidneys, incontinence and anemia. Her period hasn’t stopped since she had a miscarriage in July. Doctors are monitoring an air sac in her lungs because if it grows much more it will need to be surgically removed.

    She goes to the emergency room almost every month and in September had emergency surgery to remove six blood clots in her lungs, including one blocking her pulmonary artery – the respiratory therapist told her 99% of the people in her position don’t survive.

    She is seeing a urologist, pulmonologist, endocrinologist, hematologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist and cardiologist. A quirk of her insurance, familiar to many Americans, is that her appointments with specialists are only covered if her primary care physician gives the referral – an added layer of bureaucracy.

    “I’ve actually had to myself call up specialists, get their tax ID number, get the diagnosis code, get all of the codes,” Pineda said. “So I spend hours a day on the phone with specialists and the insurance company … if we had the NY Health Act or Medicare for All, it would all be one system and I wouldn’t have to do this while I’m home recuperating and a single parent with an autistic four-year-old.”

    Pineda’s passion for Medicare for All formed when she was volunteering for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential bid, knocking on hundreds of doors while pregnant. She cast her ballot in the New York primary while 4cm dilated and gave birth the next day.

    Five years later, Pineda vowed to keep pushing politicians for health reform. Pineda said: “I am going to harass them until I drop dead and I hope I drop dead on their doorstep for a good photo op.”

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    Week of Action: #CareNotCuts #InvestInOurNY

    Rectangular graphic with black background. Cutout of Gov. Cuomo on right side. Large, white, all caps text says \

    We need #CareNotCuts! #InvestInOurNY! TAX THE RICH &  FUND HEALTHCARE!

    Join healthcare advocates statewide virtually or in-person in NYC Monday, March 1 for a Statewide Week of Action in support of the Invest in Our NY Act. The Invest in Our NY Act will raise $50-70 billion by ending tax breaks on the super wealthy. All week, we will activate our statewide healthcare advocacy networks in support of budget justice and funding healthcare justice.

    Ten years of austerity have been devastating for public health in New York. We have seen cuts to funding for public hospitals, cuts to funding for homecare for seniors and people with disabilities. We have seen the fragmented and privatized health system fail to protect essential workers, communities of color, and working families from COVID-19. Meanwhile, private insurance companies post record profits and New York’s billionaires have gotten richer during the pandemic. A bold response is needed to reverse the disinvestment and runaway inequality that are causing unnecessary suffering in our state. It’s time to put people first by making the wealthiest New Yorkers pay their fair share, and investing in the healthcare New Yorkers need.

    SCHEDULE OVERVIEW below. Detailed descriptions at bottom.

    Monday 3/1, 12:00pm-1:00pm
    - Virtual Statewide Speakout: RSVP here
    - In-person NYC Protest & Speakout in front of Cuomo's office (633 3rd Ave between 40th and 41st St): no RSVP, but please share widely the Facebook event page **masks and social distancing observed**
    - Social Media Storm: This toolkit has sample tweets and posts you can use! Graphics too! bit.ly/CareNotCutsToolkitMarch2021
    Monday 3/1, 6:00pm-8:00pm
    - Virtual Phonebanking - no experience necessary! RSVP here.

    Together, we can win budget justice and healthcare justice for all New Yorkers.

    List of detailed demands are as follows: 

    • Pass the Invest in Our New York Tax Act - including Progressive Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Heirs’ Tax, Billionaires’ Tax, Corporate Tax, Wall Street Tax.
    • Stop the Cuts. End threats to cut Medicaid and 340B savings carveout.
    • Don’t stop ETE (Ending the Epidemic). Expand HASA (HIV/AIDS Services Administration) in New York State and protect long-term survivors and communities affected.
    • Release Statewide HCV (hepatitis C virus) Elimination Task Force recommendations and provide at least $5 million so we can eliminate viral hepatitis.
    • Keep your promise: Pass S5298A The Overdose Prevention Centers Act s
    • Prioritize people in prisons for vaccine rollout and free the incarcerated.
    • Keep the MTA open overnight. Stop criminalizing homelessness and end the investment of 500 additional cops in subways.
    • Cancel rent. Secure housing for all during a public health crisis.
    • End the use of police and military for disease prevention (including vaccine rollout in communities and the enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions). Communicable viruses are public health issues, not criminal ones. 
    • Remove the Medicaid global cap
    • Reverse the harmful cuts to Medicaid home care that were adopted in 2020
    • Invest in home care - build the home care workforce by increasing the pay of home care workers to at least 150% of the regional minimum wage.
    • Expand health coverage for immigrants and undocumented New Yorkers: A1585/S2549, A880/S1572
    • Guarantee universal, comprehensive healthcare for all: Pass the NY Health Act (Gottfried/Rivera)


    *Monday March 1, 12:00pm-1:00pm VIRTUAL SPEAKOUT & SOCIAL MEDIA STORM*

    Virtual: Invest in Our New York: Healthcare for the People Speak Out and Social Media Storm

    We’ll hear from advocates from around the state who have been impacted by the healthcare crisis and join in a collective action to make the wealthiest pay their fair share.

    RSVP to attend or to sign up to speak out about why you support taxing the rich to fund healthcare for all.

    RSVP here to receive the Week of Action & Social Media toolkit.

    *Monday March 1, 12:00pm-1:00pm NYC IN-PERSON ACTION*

    In-person NYC action: Cuomo Cuts KillWHERE: 633 3rd Ave between 40th and 41st St.
    TRAINS: 4,5,6,7 to Grand Central

    **Please wear a mask/s and social distance at this and at all times in public**

    This year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing billions of dollars in cuts from AIDS programs, Medicaid, and other healthcare services while COVID-19 wreaks havoc across the state. Join us for an action led by ACT UP outside Gov. Cuomo's office to tell him that his cuts kill!

    *Monday March 1, 6:00-8:00pm PHONEBANK*
    Phonebank to Invest in Our NY and Fund Healthcare RSVP New callers welcome! Sign up to generate calls to NY legislators about taxing the rich and funding quality healthcare for all. 

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    Donate to Support Healthcare Lobby Day 2018

    Help make our June 5th Healthcare is a Human Right Statewide Day of Action a success by donating to cover the costs of transportation. The Campaign for NY Health is coordinating transportation from around the state - we are renting buses, vans, and cars. 

    If you are planning on attending on June 5th, consider pitching in $25-50 dollars to covers the cost of the trip. Please give more if you can and help cover costs for those who cannot afford to pay. No one will be turned away for lack of funds for travel.

    Checks can be made and mailed to:

    Campaign for New York Health
    131 W 33rd St, 4th Floor
    New York, NY 10001