LETTER: Single-payer healthcare would benefit Americans, Richard Clements, Buffalo News

A recent Another Voice by Sally Pipes, warning of how single-payer health care “would be a nightmare,” is simply a series of unsupported falsehoods and easily refuted legends reminiscent of the notorious “Harry and Louise” horror story ads that were funded by the insurance industry to help scuttle the Clinton administration’s health plan in 1994.

One refrain is the prediction of the “disastrous effects on the economy,” easily disproved by the fact that Canada’s economy hasn’t cratered in the 49 years it has had low-cost, tax-funded single-payer health insurance as a benefit for all.

When businesses would have their costs cut and greatly benefit from having the burden of providing health insurance employee benefits lifted, they would logically be attracted to New York rather than flee.

Read the full letter at the Buffalo News here.

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