LETTER: Senate should pass NY Health Act, Ethan Bodnaruk, Auburn Citizen

Dr. Buchberger’s (The Citizen, 7/4/17) article “Repealing and replacing ObamaCare” hits the nail on the head: our private health insurance system that creates huge profits and poor health care is an awful lot like an “insurance crime family” shakedown of the whole country.

The New York Health Act is a solution to this predicament, one that will drastically improve health outcomes, drastically decrease costs for 98 percent of New Yorkers (including eliminating co-pays and deductibles), and be a boon to businesses and places of worship which struggle with expensive employee health plans and burdensome paperwork. It would place a tiered payroll tax on all paychecks in New York, with extremely low rates for the middle and lower classes (zero for the very poorest) and sensible rates for the rich and on high-end investments. Everyone would be covered, and the state would pay all doctor bills out of these funds: a single payer system. Everyone would have their choice of doctor and there would be no in or out of network status at all.

According to an economic study of the NY Health Act, its implementation would save over $40 billion in the first year alone and save thousands of lives annually. With everyone covered and the efficiencies of a single payer system eliminating all the greedy private insurance companies, we can take care of all New Yorkers at a lower cost!

Read the full letter at the Citizen here.

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