LETTER: Pay less with single-payer, Betsey Knapp, Riverdale Press

Your support of the New York Health Act shows leadership — and advocacy for the public good and fiscal efficiency.

Most Americans want cost-effective, universal, comprehensive health care. In Albany, it is blocked by those who depend on campaign contributions from Big Pharma and Big Insurance, or by those aligned with D.C. Republicans, who also look for these contributions, and who regard health care as a luxury too expensive for the poor or the sick.

The Riverdale Press is courageous in calling on Sen. Jeffrey Klein, who has co-sponsored the bill, to champion it among the Republicans with whom he caucuses. Sen. Klein has argued his caucusing with Republicans gets needed legislation passed. Well, now he can show us he was both sincere and insightful.

Sen. Klein, please work your influence. Sen. Kemp Hannon, who chairs the health committee, will surely respond to you.

Read the full letter at the Riverdale Press here.

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