LETTER: New York Health Act needs a public push, Terri Roben, Schenectady Daily Gazette

The June 20 Washington Post editorial about single-payer health insurance argues that a simple, sane plan couldn’t work at the dysfunctional Washington level of politics and therefore, we should adopt our own New York Health Act.
Ninety-eight percent of us would save, on average, $2,200 yearly — a significant savings. 
All we need is one more state senator, like Jim Tedisco, to support single payer. He is known for his compassion to animals, and I assume he has the same level of concern for his human constituents. Local voters would be very grateful if he gets this out of his health committee.
Doctors could spend more time with their patients and less time dealing with the paperwork of 150 different profit-driven insurance plans, not to mention paying for more staff to manage all of this.

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