LETTER: New York Health Act can protect state seniors, Elyse Segelken, Oneonta Daily Star

Another attack on health care! President Trump recently announced he would stop paying the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies that help people afford insurance. He also said he would allow new junk insurance plans to be sold. Those plans may seem cheap, but they turn out to be worthless the moment a person insured under such a plan has any medical issue whatsoever. Gutting the Affordable Care Act will be disastrous for ordinary people, many of whom will lose their insurance and health care or see costs skyrocket.

Fortunately, here in New York we have the means in place to enable everyone to get health care. That is the New York Health Act (NYHealth). It has passed our state Assembly by a wide margin and is one vote away from a majority in the state Senate. NYHealth will make health care a fundamental right for all New Yorkers.

Read the full letter at the Oneonta Daily Star here.

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