LETTER: Here's how we protect democracy in NY, Gioia Shebar, Middletown Times Herald-Record

Our current federal government is a Frankenstein monster constructed of very deadly ideas, and exceedingly nasty people. It tramples on big rich states like New York, trying to loot and destroy us. Of course – as deliberately destructive as the Trump gang is - they can only stomp on us if we lie down and allow it.

We should take a page from Gov. Jay Inslee’s book of governance. As soon as the Trump FCC decided to make big corporations a gift of our internet he immediately announced he would protect Washington state’s net neutrality - and he can. The bums in D.C. are hastily trying to pass laws to prevent states from protecting net neutrality and laws to stop states from passing single-payer health insurance on their own. Why? Because we can, fellow New Yorkers. And that would get Trump’s foot off our neck.

Read the full letter at the Times Herald-Record.

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