LETTER: Health Care An Important Issue, Bruce and Nikki Willard, Port Washington News

Thank you, Anton Media Group, for Steve Mosco’s editorial on health care—as you say, it is for good reason most Americans consider health care as The most important issue of 2017. Health care spending as a percentage of the GDP reached 17.9 percent in 2016. In comparison, corporate tax rates have hovered in the one to three percent of GDP range since 1970. While congress seems unable to come to grips with this and focuses on policies that will let us buy less insurance (increased personal risk)/pay more out of pocket, other developed nations are able to take care of their entire populations at far lower per capita cost and with better overall outcomes. The moral case for covering everyone in a health care system has received plenty of attention as an idea from “the left;” however, these statistics/comparisons suggest another reason for change.

Read the full letter at the Port Washington News.

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