LETTER: Don't be gun-shy on health care, Norman Danzig, Riverdale Press

In co-sponsoring the New York Health Act and supporting it, Sen. Jeffrey Klein is doing all New Yorkers a great service. His Point of View piece in The Riverdale Press highlights some of the problems the bill faces.

But the senator needs to make three things clear, both to his constituents and to his fellow senators. 

• Under the terms of the act, Medicare will remain as it is for all senior citizens.

• The progressive taxes (based on income) imposed by the act replace the premiums and co-pays all New Yorkers currently give (privately or through employer-based health care, which also will remain in place) to insurance companies. The act will amount to a net savings to all but the richest 2 percent of the state.

Read the rest of the letter at the Riverdale Press here.

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