LETTER: A call to sponsor the NY Health Act, Dr. Sunny Aslam, Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin

“AHCA health care cuts would harm upstate economy” (pressconnects.com, July 6) is a call to action for our representatives. We need to go beyond plans to gut our public health system costing jobs and lives.

Millions would lose insurance and funding for the poor and elderly would disappear. The bill should be opposed by our senators and Rep. Tenney.

I work as a physician at a public clinic providing mental health care. Every day I see patients' care compromised by the broken health system we have. Those covered by Medicaid, now controlled by private insurance companies, see their coverage canceled or lapse. Medications require burdensome paperwork for approval. Those who are in the working class often don't qualify for Medicaid and can't afford the skyrocketing premiums, deductible and co pays from insurance exchanges.

Sen. Gillibrand has joined a growing group of senators who support improved and expanded Medicare for all. In New York, we are one state senator away from passing the New York Health Act, which would also provide universal coverage. State Sens. Seward and Akshar should co-sponsor the New York Health Act. Our health and businesses depend on it.

Read the letter at the Press and Sun-Bulletin here.

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