VIEW: “Medicare for All” would boost health quality and affordability for all NYers, Zevon, LoHud

By Madeline Zevon, Oct 2, 2018

Study after study, including a recent RAND Corporation analysis, affirms that the New York Health Act (“Medicare for All New York”) would cost less than our current health care. The highly regarded, centrist, independent, nonprofit confirmed that NY Health would reduce total health-care costs — despite increasing spending on actual health care — by decreasing spending on administrative waste and insurance company profits.  

Specifically, RAND concludes that NY Health will provide all essential health care to every New Yorker; save substantial money for 19 million of us; create 180,000 new jobs, increasing employment by 2 percent; eliminate county Medicaid contributions and make New York businesses more competitive. Little reported, but important to millions of New Yorkers, NY Health will also fully cover long-term care, and still save money.

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