VIDEO: Universal Health Care Activists Disrupt Industry Execs, Tim Murphy, The Body

By Tim Murphy, November 16, 2018

Amid an early snowfall on Thursday, November 15, on the sidewalk before a Hilton Garden Inn outside Albany, New York State's capital, about 40 activists from the Campaign for New York Health, an organization advocating for single-payer health care in the state, protested a conference going on inside among executives from the state's various private insurers, which the New York Health Act (NYHA), the single-payer bill in question, would put out of business.

The activists wielded signs reading, "Honk If You Hate Your Health Insurance" and "Big Profits From Pain? $hame On You!"

The second part of the protest happened inside, where four of the activists -- including Brandon Cuicchi of ACT UP NY -- one by one disrupted a panel in which executives from the Business Council of New York State and the national drugmaker trade group PhRMA were arguing against single-payer, in keeping with an anti-single-payer campaign they have launched called The Realities of Single Payer Healthcare for New York.


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