VIDEO: Rally for NYC Council Resolution 470 to Support NY Health

December 6, 2018

Rally Video Here

Speaking order as follows:

Katie Robbins Director of the Campaign for NY Health, emcee and organizer
Raging Grannies, 1:00, “The HC Bills Go Round n Round”; “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer had a painful swollen nose”
Marva Wade, 3:20 Board Member, NYS Nurses Associate Board Member
Mark Levine, 7:15, Chair of NYC Council Health Committee
Rafael Espinal, 11:45, NYC Council
Corey Johnson, 13:30 NYC Council head, tells his health story.
Alessandria Biaggi,  19:00 new NYS Assembly Member
Richard Gottfried, at 22:00, most senior NYS Assembly Member, first introduced NYHA 25 years ago — now passed 5 times.
Katrina Reyes, at 25:00 new Assembly member, nurse
Sandra Stein, at 27:00, mother of a 9-yr-old who needs NYHA
Matthew Eugene, 33:40, NYC Council Member
Mary Basset, MD,  37:40, former Health Commissioner for NYC
Her mom Priscilla Basset, 39:00, speaking as Medicare recipient
Jessica Edwards, MD, 42:00, Natl President of Comm of Interns & Residents.
Peter Meacher, MD, 44:00 Chief Medical Officer of Callan Lourde
Dana Offenbach, 48:00, one of 4M independent contractors in NYC
Jean Ryan, 50:00, President of Disabled in Action
Josh Kellerman, 51:00, Retail, Wholesale, and Dept Store Union



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