VIDEO: NYS Could be close to adopting NYS health care act, Paul Feiner, LWV Zevon & Reich, WVOX

NYS could be close to doing at the state level what is being discussed at national level

Interview by Paul Feiner with Madeline Zevon and Joanne Reich, December 9, 2019

Mr. Feiner is Town of Greenburgh Supervisor, Ms. Zevon is co-chair of the NYS  & Westchester League of Women Voters Health Care Committee, and Ms. Reich is with the Greenburgh Health Care Committee and a member of the LWV committee

Most residents of NY, Westchester and Greenburgh  are unaware that NYS could be close to doing at the state level what lawmakers are talking about at the national level – the NYS Health Care Act covers everyone while saving money. I was surprised to learn that the State Assembly approved the legislation by a 2/3rd margin 4 times and in the State Senate there are 31 co-sponsors—only one vote short of a majority.  Will there be a vote in 2020? Will NYS lead the way? 

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