VIDEO: NYC Council Hearing on Resolution 470 Supporting NY Health, chaired by Mark Levine

Click on "video" after navigating to NYC Council Health Committee meeting on December 6, 2018, here

Sequence of Panels (4 hours, 28 minutes) (apologies to any who testified whose names are omitted or misspelled)

0:01 — Mark Levine, Chair of Health Committee, NYC Council
0:07 — Richard Gottfried, NYS Assembly
1:06 — Alessandra Biaggi, NYS Assembly, Dr. Mary Bassett, former NYC Commissioner of Health
1:25 — David Rich, Gtr NY Hospital Assoc
1:48 — Judy Sheridan Gonzales, Pres NYSNA ;Marva Wade, NYSNA; James Perlstein PSC CUNY;
Jim Bracchittla, Screen Actors Guild Pension Fund
2:03 — Dr. Len Gottfried, Director of Research, PNHP-Metro; Anthony Feliciano, Director - Commission
on the Public’s Health System; Dr. Henry Moss, PNHP-Metro; Dr. Lisa Melilli, epidemiologist.
2:22 —Bobbie Sackman, Caring Majority; Heidi Siegfried, Center for Independence of Disabled;
Karla Lawrence, Caring Majority; Jean Ryan, Disabled in Action
2:37 — Kimberly Smith, Callen Lourde; PNHP; National Asso of Social Workers
2:51 —India Home; Chinese American Planning Council; NY Immigration Coalition; Coalition for Chinese American Families
3:06 —Charmaine Ruddock, Bronx Health Outreach; Elena Polivy, Geriatric Care Managers;
Priscilla Bassett, Statewide Senior Action Council; Bob Lederer, PNHP
3:27 — Jeff Michelson, David Lee, Dana Offenbach
3:47 — Barbara Estrin, Joseph, Alana
3:57 — Dr. Naomi Zudai; Dr. Elizabeth Kolag; medical malpractice attorney …
4:13 — Vote will be next week
4:14 — Colette Swietnicki, Ilana, Jean Fox


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