Support New York Health Act, Barbara Estrin, Riverdale Press

On Tuesday, June 5, several Riverdale residents joined more than 500 supporters of the New York Health Act to demonstrate in Albany for its passage.

From every corner of the state, they traveled by bus, car, and even bicycle all the way from Brooklyn, in support of the bill.

They were among doctors, nurses, health care professionals, business owners, representatives of organized labor, and ordinary citizens who are convinced that this plan would benefit all New Yorkers regardless of wealth, income, age, immigration or health status.

Supported by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, the bill is likely to clear the Assembly overwhelmingly, perhaps by the time The Riverdale Presshits your mailbox.

The push for the New York Health Act comes when it seems most necessary, Republicans in the U.S. Congress are threatening cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and the Complete Health Improvement Program — or CHIP — to fund the deficits caused by their tax bill.

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