SERIES: Healthcare in America #9, Farris Thomas, This Is the Bronx

This is part of an ongoing series that gives Bronx writers a chance to share their personal stories on the state of healthcare in America.

by Farris M. Thomas, Jr, July 29, 2018

My life changed forever on March 31st, 2009 when I was crossing the street and a speeding motorcycle hit me. The impact sent me flying 25 feet, breaking every bone on my right side from my clavicle to my toes.

I am grateful to modern medicine to be alive.

The trauma was catastrophic. Seven open fractures to my leg, nine broken ribs piercing my lungs, and broken clavicle. Several 14+ hour-long surgeries were necessary to rebuild the right side of my body.

Months of physical therapy and private nurses followed. I had to learn to walk again, to move my arms up and around, to feed and bathe myself. The vascular trauma to my legs was so extensive I have had 11-surgeries on my left leg, the most recent 8-months ago....

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