POV: What Would Medicare for All Cost You? Lisa Rowan, Life Hacker

By Lisa Rowan, Oct 16, 2019

Democratic candidates for president want to overhaul health care. But who will pay for it? That was the question during last night’s fourth primary debate, which featured 12 candidates on one stage vying for attention. But the discussion around health care may have resulted in more questions than answers. A lot of the details are murky, but right now, it looks like government-sponsored health care wouldn’t dramatically increase your out-of-pocket costs—it would actually lower what you pay for care.

A portion of the night focused on Medicare for All, the general idea that the government should run the United States health care system. There are several ideas for doing it, but the overall goal is that everyone would get some level of insurance for free....

A 2018 Vox analysisof data from the New York Health Act found that new taxes levied to pay for health care would probably replace the same amount of money spent on health care premiums, whether that cost is covered by you or your employer....

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