POV: Single-payer health care needed to slow runaway costs, Joseph S. Testa, Buffalo News

By Joseph S. Testa, Oct 13, 2019

Dr. Joseph S. Testa is a physician in the Town of Tonawanda

It was very encouraging to read State Sen. Patrick Gallivan traveled to Canada on a two-day fact-finding trek with the purpose of collecting information on their single-payer health care system. I hope more senators will follow his lead.

However, I disagree with his rejection of single payer.

As a practicing physician, my colleagues and I hear on a daily basis how fed up our patients are with escalating co-pays, premiums, co-insurances, deductibles and drug prices. We all have patients that do not follow through on treatments due to excessive out-of-pocket expenses. Many insurance companies are now unable to afford the high cost of medications and have begun making partial payment to suppliers in order to get them. Another backbreaker to Americans, and probably unknown to State Sen. Gallivan, is this little-known fact: At the time of retirement most will need $230,000 to $250,000 in savings for their health care. Yes, up to $250,000.

Of course, they’ll also need money for food, clothing, utilities, etc. How much do Canadians need set aside in retirement for health care? Nothing....

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