News Video: New York Health Act advocates head to Albany, Local Syracuse

By Staff, May 28, 2019

NEW YORK STATE (WSYR-TV) — Tuesday in Albany, the first Senate and Assembly hearing on the New York Health Act is taking place.

Advocates from Syracuse left from Destiny USA Tuesday morning to voice their opinions at the State Capitol.

The New York Health Act is legislation that would establish universal, single-payer healthcare in the state. The bill would also increase preventative care and aims to lower cost of prescriptions.

“People are really having challenges in meeting their healthcare needs.  So the New York Health Care Act will put us pretty much all on an equal level with very comprehensive health insurance that covers pretty much everything.  Doctors visits, hospital visits, pharmaceutics, long term care,” said Mark Fera.

The act would also get rid of networks, allowing people to pick their healthcare providers….

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