NEWS: Electeds Make the Case for Single-Payer Healthcare for New York, Engel, NY County Politics

By William Engel, Nov 5, 2019

Rachel Madley, 24, had just entered high school when her doctor diagnosed her with Type 1 diabetes. From that point on, her life became a living nightmare. Her parents had to go into debt to afford her treatment. More egregiously, she constantly had to fight with her insurance company to get the medicine she needed.

She recalled one particular incident in college when she risked going a weekend without insulin – which, as a diabetic, is life-threatening.

“I started the process a few weeks before so I could be sure that I would get insulin,” recalled Madley. “My insurance company either denied it multiple times or tried to charge me the full price for it. I went to the pharmacy to try and get a refill, and it was not going through with my insurance, or it was showing up with a $400 out-of-pocket cost. So I called my insurance company, and they were closed for a three-day weekend. I panicked; I didn’t know what to do. But luckily, my pharmacist saw how stressed I was, and she actually gave me the insulin at no charge until we could figure things out.

What the experience taught me is that insurance companies value profit over my life, and over everyone’s life” ….

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