New Yorkers tired of healthcare issues converge on Albany — Tom Bulger, Finger Lakes Times

New Yorkers who are tired of healthcare issues converge on Albany

By Tom Bulgar

To the Editor:

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr)

Yesterday (June 5), buses from all over the state headed to Albany, carrying New Yorkers tired of being the only industrialized nation without universal healthcare, tired of paying twice as much as any other nation for its healthcare, tired of being ranked 37th by the World Health Organization for quality of care. is determined to end the nightmare. If you were unable to go to Albany, please phone Sen. Helming.

The state’s House has passed the New York Health Act, which now has 31 senators cosponsoring it. I don’t know if Sen. Helming is one of the cosponsors. A powerful line from New York’s own Paul Simon is, “‘Save the life of my child,’ cried the desperate mother.” As a mother herself I hope our Senator empathizes with mothers whose children are endangered by unaffordable healthcare.

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