LETTER: Universal Health Care, David Gould, Ithaca Times

By David Gould, Local resident and owner of Sunbeam Candles, May 30, 2019

I am writing to support the passage of the New York Health Act (NYHA) that provides for universal health care for all New York residents. My wife and I own a small business in Tompkins County, and employ 12 persons full time during our high season. I offer my employees a certified living wage and benefits including an extremely expensive health insurance plan. Despite having insurance, I find my employees do not access their health care because their deductibles and copays are so high that they risk unaffordable medical bills and debt by seeking care.

I find this an outrage. Health care should be driven by purpose and for people, not profit as it is currently. The fact that the health insurance companies can take in so much profit and provide so little value makes that industry an utter scam. My employees and I would all welcome universal coverage managed and monitored by the state in which costs can be driven down and profit is no longer the incentive. We understand that we would pay a progressively determined tax instead of exorbitant premiums, which would end up being cheaper overall for everyone to cover health care….

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