LETTER to Politicians: What It is Like to Be Disabled in America, Candice Hildebrant, Medium

By Candice Hildebrant, February 17, 2019

I am one of the many people in America who is suffering from the broken healthcare system we have in our country right now.

Every single day of my life I have to fight against my multiple chronic illnesses. It is a daily struggle that sometimes I win, and many times I lose. I fight these battles every single day, and … government has turned a blind eye to the many, many New Yorkers, and even more Americans outside NY, like me, who are in dire straits due to mounting health care costs and coverage gaps that we are saddled with. My family and I are in trouble, and our government officials, who have been elected to speak for me, and guide our state, and country to a better way, are failing me and those like me. …

In January of 2014 I went to my family doctor, after having been sick for days. I wasn’t able to breathe, my chest ached and I felt so sick — I thought I had the flu. I was given different medications and told to rest. A week later I was back in my doctor’s office, having gotten worse. Again I was given more medication and told to rest. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t get out of bed, I was so sick my husband wanted to take me to the hospital then and there. But, we didn’t go — it would cost just too much money, and after all — it is just the flu….

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