LETTER: Support candidates who support NY Health Act, Laura McClure, Oneonta Daily Star

By Laura McClure, Oct 2, 2018

Americans are fed up with our health care system. In August, a Reuters-Ipsos poll found that 70 percent of us — including most Republicans — want Medicare for All, a universal public insurance system that is both cheaper and more effective than our current private hodgepodge.

Unfortunately, our major political parties are lagging behind the public on this, at least nationally.

But in New York state, we are on the brink of change. Last year, the New York Health Act — which would create a public insurance system covering all New Yorkers — was ONE VOTE short of passing the state Senate, and passed easily in the Assembly.

Our State Sen. James Seward not only opposes the NY Health Act, he’s an active obstacle to it as chair of the Assembly’s Insurance Committee.

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