LETTER: Single-payer model offers best coverage, Barbara Keber, MD, Albany Times Union

Barbara Keber, MD, President, New York State Academy of Family Physicians,  July 11, 2019

The New York State Academy of Family Physicians, a statewide association of more than 6,000 physicians and medical students, is convinced that a single-payer model for health insurance is the best one for providing universal coverage while controlling costs. While we are pleased that the state Legislature will continue to hold hearings on this important issue, our hope is that the Legislature enacts it next session.

Single-payer would constrain costs by creating a statewide health care budget. It would ensure that all sectors of the health care system operate within those budgetary limits because it would process all claims, bills and payments. Single-payer would reduce the cost of health care simply by eliminating all the redundant forms, rules and procedures. Single-payer's statewide expenditure control would mean less micro-management of patient care….

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