LETTER: Right Track on Health, Henry Moss, Riverdale Press

By Henry Moss, April 7, 2019

In her recent story, Simone Johnson captures the growing popularity of the single-payer New York Health Act and the enthusiasm of supporters like Sen. Alessandra Biaggi.

However, it leaves the impression that older adults with Medicare Advantage plans, like Ms. Yona Bello quoted in the story, are doing just fine. The fact that the commercial insurance companies find them enormously profitable should make one suspicious.

Most don’t know that tax dollars are used to provide special subsidies to MA insurers so they can offer extra services, like optical and dental, with the aim of privatizing Medicare. And most aren’t aware that insurers market these plans primarily to healthier seniors with numerous disincentives for those with chronic and complex conditions, including restricted choice of primary care providers and poor access to specialists.

There also are limits on expensive treatments and steeper cost sharing…

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