LETTER: Pipes gets it all wrong when it comes to doctor shortages, Helen Krim, Riverdale Press

By Helen Meltzer-Krim, Sept 1, 2019

Sally Pipes, a marketer paid by a Koch-funded California think tank, misrepresents facts in her recent Point of View. She maintains that there will be an exodus from the profession, and a severe shortage of doctors as a result of single-payer health care.

This is nonsense.

Pipes cites burnout as a factor in driving doctors from the profession, and then makes the unfounded assumption that the paperwork would be worse under Medicare for All.

Doctors disagree. In New York state, there are 55 insurance companies, each with its own set of plans and formularies. Surveys by the New York State Nurses Association indicate that 50 percent of doctors identify insurance company plans as the cause of burnout, since they spend hours fighting with insurance companies to provide their patients with appropriate medication and service....

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