LETTER: Murphy Should Hold TownHall on Healthcare, Mary Jane Kilian, Northern Westchester Examiner

About three weeks ago I took a day to visit my state senator, Terrence Murphy, in Albany to express my growing concern with rising health insurance costs. He was not available. . . . which was disappointing because, as he is someone in the medical profession, a chiropractor, I expect him to share some of my concerns. Despite expressing great interest in mitigating the opioid epidemic, he is mute about this pressing issue of rising insurance costs for all of his constituents

Our group of l7 did meet with a member of his staff. She listened attentively, assuring us she would communicate our concerns to Senator Murphy. Included in our group were health care professionals, local legislators, and constituents with stories of struggles to pay for health care and prescription drugs. Outspoken were clergy and church members who spoke of the moral and ethical right to affordable health care as a human right.

We were disheartened that Senator Murphy’s representative was unable to tell us the Senator’s positions on issues we raised, refusing to respond to our basic question ...

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