LETTER: Misconceptions about single-payer healthcare, Eve Madalengoitia, Poughkeepsie Record

By Eve Madalengoitia, Sept 7, 2018

Contrary to what Helmut M. Gartner states in his letter "Single-payer health care system is not the answer"of Aug 30, healthcare did not become expensive because of the federal government. Healthcare is expensive because insurance companies are for-profit businesses. Approximately 30 percent of the money we pay insurance companies is not spent on services for our health – it is spent on high administrative costs and multi-million dollar salaries for the CEO’s 

Further, Mr. Gartner expresses an inaccuracy in stating that the government will take over the entire American health care system, equating single-payer and socialized medicine. Single-payer is when there is one payer for services....

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