LETTER: Let’s finally put an end to health care for profit, Patricia Meyer Lee, Buffalo News

By Patricia Meyer Lee, March 7, 2019

There’s been much talk about socialism in connection with health care. Taking the profit out of medicine in this country is seen as a full-fledged assault on capitalism. Opponents treat socialized medicine like a disease that would infect our entire market economy. No worries there. The United States will never become a socialistic nation. Too long has capitalism reigned.

There is much evidence that indicates the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. Corporations push and shove their way through regulations to maximize profits at the expense of polluting land, air and water. And it isn’t just corporations, it’s absentee landlords and developers who receive huge tax incentives from government. They build luxury apartments and drive out middle- and lower-income inhabitants.

Let us be clear here. Capitalism without responsible regulation ravages the poor, the working class and destroys the environment. Labor unions, environmental groups, and now newly elected Congress members like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are being demonized by conservatives. An army of lobbyists have been launched and paid for by health insurance companies to pressure politicians and feed false information to the public regarding the detriments of a health system built to serve everyone on equal footing. Health care for profit must end.

Patricia Meyer Lee

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