LETTER: Leading on Affordable Healthcare, Leonard Rodberg, NY Daily News

By Dr. Leonard Rodberg, Queens College professor emeritus of Urban Studies, Aug 8, 2019

Manhattan: Re John Flanagan’s “A bad Rx for New York” (op-ed, Aug. 2): While most New Yorkers do have some type of health coverage, those with private insurance face rising premiums and costly deductibles, co-pays and out-of-network charges that, in too many cases, make it impossible for them to actually get the care they need.

Nearly half of New Yorkers are already covered by the public Medicare, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance programs. Under the New York Health Act, everyone would be covered. No one would face financial barriers when they needed care (including long-term care), and access would no longer be controlled by insurance companies more concerned with their bottom lines than with the health of New Yorkers. Care would be tax-funded and, as the recent report from the RAND Corp. showed, would cost the vast majority of New Yorkers less than they now spend.

As the New York metro research director of Physicians for a National Health Program, I say that it’s time that New York led the way in making access to quality health care available to everyone. Leonard Rodberg, Queens College professor emeritus of Urban Studies

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