LETTER: Health care for all would cut costs, George Simonson, Portland Press Herald

By George Simonson, May 16, 2019

Workers currently spend close to 40% of their incomes on health care in return for relatively poor outcomes.

A Maine legislative committee recently began considering eight innovative bills aiming at health care for all.

As a longtime Mainer originally from Connecticut and New York City, with family in Germany and clients around the world, I’ve given a lot of thought to how “people from away” take care of themselves. They do a better job than we do.

It’s about time for Maine – and America – finally to start giving serious thought to universal health care.

Some conservatives like to say, “Oh, we can’t have that. It’s too expensive, and nobody wants to pay high taxes like the Europeans do.” But in reality, the vast majority of Maine employees already have private health insurance premiums automatically deducted from their paychecks….

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