LETTER: Health act guarantees everyone will get care, Daniel Neghassi, M.D., Times-Union

By Daniel Neghassi, MD, January 18, 2019

Dr. Tom Madejski's commentary ("New York must think through single-payer system move," Jan. 1) misses important aspects of the New York Health Act.

The legislation establishes an independent trust fund that would not be subject to the yearly budget process. This will allow for stability and for fair negotiations with providers. The goal will be to ensure the quality and quantity of care needed by New Yorkers, a goal that can be only be reached if health care dollars go directly to providers instead of insurance company executives.

In our current commercial insurance system, preauthorization exists mainly to maximize profit. In contrast, Medicare has very few such requirements, and those that exist, mainly for drugs and devices, are driven largely by outrageous prices. NY Health expects to minimize preauthorization and use the leverage of 20 million customers to drive down drug and device prices.

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