LETTER: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo should focus on New York Health Act, Anne Flomenhaft, Newsday

By Anne Flomenhaft, January 18, 2019

Long Island is facing an affordability crisis. Young people like myself are finding it harder than ever to live here.

With Democratic majorities in the State Senate and Assembly, nothing should hold back Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo from solving this crisis on the state level [“Cuomo’s agenda,” News, Jan. 15]. If he wants to make history, there’s an option already on the table: the New York Health Act, which would guarantee health care for all New Yorkers and make it free at the point of service.

Cuomo knows this already. The legislation has been passed by the State Assembly four consecutive years, but gathered dust in the State Senate Health Committee under Sen. Kemp Hannon, who lost his seat in November.

Listen to any one of us, and you’ll quickly learn that Long Island voters put health care at the top of our concerns. Contact your state senators to remind them who put them in office and why.

Anne Flomenhaft, Malverne

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