LETTER: Critic of NY Health Act tells half the story, Dr. Gene Tinelli, Syracuse.com

By Dr. Gene Tinelli, Nov 24, 2018

In a recent letter (Nov. 15,2018) Michael Kracker does harm to a bill that would save New York money. As the executive director of a business organization designed to preserve its heavy investment in the current system, he performs a sleight of hand. 

His hypocrisy is that he cites the RAND study's figure of $139 billion in progressive payroll taxes, which would pay for the bill, claiming that only 5 percent of New Yorkers are without insurance. But he doesn't say that New Yorkers with insurance, enduring high premiums and co-pays, are rationing their own health care at a cost of serious illness. Affordable care is unaffordable for most New Yorkers...

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