LETTER: Balter is right about health care, Janet Schwenke, Auburn Citizen

Janet Schwenke, August 31

I am writing in response to a letter from Josephine Thomas, titled "Balter's plan for Medicare worrisome." I would like to state at the outset that I am also a senior, also a recipient of both Social Security checks and Medicare benefits. I would really like to know where the author gets the idea that Dana Balter is in favor of cutting Social Security payments and "placing huge tax burdens on the backs of seniors" to pay for Medicare expansion.

The only discussion I have heard of any abridgement of Social Security "entitlements" (and yes, I am entitled to the money I paid in all those years!) has come from the same Republicans in Congress who ran up the deficit with their bogus tax windfall for the wealthy and now seek to cover their behinds! Does the letter writer realize that no one is taxed for Social Security on income over $128,400 a year, yet they are also free to take it at age 66/67?

These are the same folks who benefited most from the Republican tax plan, I might add....

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