AUDIO NEWS: Single Payer Health Care Gets Its Day in Albany, WNYC Public Radio

May 28, 2019 · by Karen DeWitt  From WXXI

During a marathon, day-long hearing Tuesday on a proposal to enact single payer health insurance in New York, a packed hearing room listened as supporters and opponents debated whether it’s the answer to the state’s health care gaps.

Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried, prime sponsor of the legislation, known as the New York Health Act, laid out the problem. He said millions of New Yorkers have some form of health coverage. But many still face financial obstacles from private insurance companies in getting the care they need, because of unaffordable co-pays or coverage denials.

“Either we say, ‘That’s not acceptable, but oh, that’s too bad,' or we do something about it,” Gottfried said….


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